Sailclamps are a clamshell design made of extremely tough nylon held together with stainless steel hex head bolts and Nylor lock nuts.

Emergency Roller furling attachment

Sailclamps were an invention of necessity as is often the case with sailors. Halfway back from Hawaii to Bellingham, Washington at 10pm our forestay broke.  We were a thousand miles out and had to remove the roller furling from the gerry rigged forestay and had no way to attach the headsails.


We improvised and made a slow sail back, 28 days Maui to Bellingham.  On returning I searched for a solution to attach a roller furl sail to a stay and found none.  I invented Sailclamps and won accolades from a number of sailing magazines including the Sail Magazine award for innovative design.

The sail is held in a grooved slot between the two clamshells and fastened to the stay with a shackle, jib snap or whatever an ingenious sailor can devise.

Under Construction

‚ÄčEach kit of Sailclamps contains 5 clamps, a hex wrench for assembly, and two extra hex head bolts and Nylor nuts because things always fall in the bilge or over the side.  A single kit will get you home.  For better attachment a Sailclamp every three feet of luff is recommended.